Custom music service
for your business location

Custom Music Service

At KrossKast, we take all the hard work out, so you can rest assure all your music needs are in expert-hands and your customers can enjoy legal music in your business establishments.

Legal Music

We are fully licensed and pay
the music royalties each month

Branding & Messaging

Connect with your customers and increase your sales

Global Control

Manage your audio from anywhere in the world

Custom music service for businesses

Sign up and receive access to licensed music channels with thousands of hit songs in our database. Pick one of our professional voice-over and easily create custom promotional messages and company branding for your business locations.

Globally control and manage your audio from anywhere in the world via our recommended internet-enabled devices.

A few benefits of KrossKast’s music service:

• Licensed music

• Royalties paid monthly

• Elite music programmers

• Weekly music updates

• Clean music

• Increase sales

• Promotional messages

• Company branding

• Voice-over talent

• Global control

Protect your business

Business owners are legally required to hold a business-to-business commercial license to play music in their establishments. Negligent companies are facing lawsuits with fines big enough to shut down their establishments.

In America, the U.S. Government, the U.S. Copyright Office, the Performance Rights Organizations, and the digital performance rights organization strictly enforce these laws. 

We provide you with a business-to-business commercial license and pay the royalties for you, including a detailed monthly report keeping you safe.

For more information, please click here to view our FAQ.

How to get started

Select a plan, select a music channel, and start playing instantly! Legally stream music from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Contact us regarding our enterprise package for multiple locations. Start your free 7 day trial now.

We do music, making your business one step simpler.

We do music, making your business one step simpler.