Select a plan, select a music channel, and start playing instantly!

Legally stream your “branded-music-channel” from any device, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, and more.

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Music Channels are streamed instantly over the Internet.

Thus giving the ability for custom music, company branding, and custom messaging.

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Set-up promotional messages or company branding between songs.

Total control of the audio in your location. Connect with your customers and increase your sales.

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No commitments, with the freedom to cancel online at any time.

Start your first month free. For multiple locations, please contact us for an enterprise package.

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KrossKast is a custom music service that offers full audio-customization within your business location(s). We pay the music royalty fees for you, so you can legally play music in your location.

Sign up and receive access to licensed music-stations via your mobile-device, tablet, or computer.

We customize the style of music, genres and artists, using radio programers that run the largest broadcast companies in the world.

We brand your music-channel by adding jingles, sweepers, and messaging/promotions by selecting one of our world renowned voice-over talents to complete your music branding, (ex: “Your Company” Radio).


Sign Up, Select a Plan, Select a Channel, Start Playing Instantly!

KrossKast uses your internet enabled devices, (approved devices) to stream our global-music-service via our world-wide-servers.

We take all the hard work out, so you can rest assure all your music needs are in expert-hands, and so your customers can enjoy music in your commercial environment.

“We Do Music, Making Your Business One Step Simpler.”


Stay LEGAL!:  Each year more than 5% of businesses in the USA get shut-down due to a direct result of royalty infringements. Fines can range any where from thirty-thousand to millions of dollars, depending on the size of your company, how long you have been in violation, and depending on how many of the PRO’s fine your company.

Brand Identity: Show brand identity and consumer awareness in your location.

Revenue: Increase your sales. It is statistically proven to increase sales by creating the right mood in your environment.

Music Management: Globally control and manage your audio from anywhere in the world via a computer or internet-enabled device.


Catalog of Music: Thousands of hit songs are in our database and new music is updated weekly!

Music Programmers: We hire the most elite music programmers in the world for your channel, that will be hand styling and updating your music weekly. We don’t use computer algorithms to control the music for your channel.

Voice Over Talent: We hire the most elite voice overs to voice your channel.

Global Servers, (99.9% Uptime): We host our servers with the largest hosting company in the world, (in the same place as NASDAQ, DowJones, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Pinterest, etc). We have many global servers worldwide.

Music Royalties & Music Law Firm: We pay your music-royalty-fees for you. We are music-experts indemnifying you of any music royalty infringements, (stay legal with us). We have relationships with all the PROS, (Performance Rights Organizations) and Major Record Labels, plus have a full-time music-law-firm in house, insuring all music-royalties get paid correctly to all parties.

Monthly Royalty Reports: Our system tracks “every” single song played from your location’s IP Address. Each song is date-stamped, time-stamped, location-stamped and tracked for monthly-royalty-statements that our team handles for you.

Music/Song Creation: We have in-house Grammy award winning music-producers that will sit down with you to create original music specifically for your company. Thus, giving you the ability to sell your music at your location, while we are playing it as well.